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You will learn to develop in all areas of your life that you consider necessary to meet your goals and objectives, resulting in a life full of self-esteem.


You will achieve harmony between the different aspects of your life, knowing which are those that we can change and accept those that we cannot. You will learn to have more peace in your day to day.


You will start by changing beliefs and thoughts and then plan your life better and act in a manner consistent with your projects.

¿Cómo puedo saber si esto realmente es para mi?

1.If you are tired of the routine and think that you do not find or enjoy the little moments of happiness that you have left in the day.

2. If you consider that formal education is currently very limited and that its content is obsolete and outdated.

3.If you have many projects in mind but you cannot carry them out for different reasons.

4. Everyday situations overwhelm you generating stress, anxiety, ruminant thoughts, among others.

5.You like reading or you think you can build the habit of doing it.

6. You want to have a change of perspective on how to face life from being more positive to being able to find calm with oneself.

7.If you already have that way of observing life but you can't find the tools.

8. You would like to learn about personal relationships both with yourself and with other people.


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